Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to Overcome "Nautilus cannot handle smb locations"

I recently meet a problem with Nautilus in accessing the Windows shares or Samba shares. Whenever I tried "smb://" in Nautilus, I received "Nautilus cannot handle "smb" locations". When I tried to use "Connect to Server" dialog, there was no option "Windows share" in Type field.

After looking at a series of posts on the Internet, I have found that it is the problem of GVFS without Samba support. Consequently, the solution on Fedora is very very simple, just install the gvfs-smb package.

# yum install gvfs-smb

Actually, the most time-consuming part is the problem caused by myself, perhaps. There is some conflict between samba4 and samba (3) on my Fedora 17. The _local repository contains libwbclient v4 which is conflict with gvfs-smb which uses libwbclient v3. It takes very long  time to recognize the reason and to solve it. If you meet the same problem on new Fedoras (16, 17) and cannot solve it, please leave a comment here.


Spikey said...


I'm having the same problem. I'm not able to access any smb-share through nautilus. I'm also dependent on samba4 because it is a business Laptop which has to be able to connect the Windows shares through Active Directory.

The only solution, I know of, to connect with a smb share is to mount it, but I find that a bit overkill for the few times I would like to connect with a smb share.

How did you manage to fix it?

Unfortunately Samba4 is a pain in the ass for all kind of packages (vlc, system-printing-tools, etc). Does your solution also has a fix for these packages?



edoherrera said...


In ubuntu 14.04 install:

apt-get install gvfs-backend

K-Spin said...

it fixed my problem right away! Thank you!