Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Supermicro Server: Reset the IPMI Password

You might sometime forget your IPMI password or you get the server from other and want to reset it? There are some options for you. However, first of all, you should try with the default IPMI account, which is ADMIN / ADMIN.


Supermicro provides a tool for you to manage your IPMI settings named IPMICFG. You can download it from the following location.

It contains tools for DOS, Linux, and Windows.


If you have Linux installed on that server, you can install OpenIPMI and IPMI Tool to manage the local or remote IPMI service.

To reset the password, all you have to do is as follows.

# service ipmi restart

If IPMI service could not be started, please stop here. You might not have IPMI support in your server.

First, you have to get the user id of the account "ADMIN".

# ipmitool user list

ID  Name      Callin  Link Auth IPMI Msg   Channel Priv Limit
2   ADMIN            true    false      false      Unknown (0x00)

You might see the output as above with the user id of account "ADMIN" is 2.

Now, you change the password of user with id = 2 to "MATKHAU", for example.

# ipmitool user set password 2 MATKHAU

That's all. Have a nice try!


ross said...

To do this from windows Server 2012 R2 it's similar as below. Actually did this on an Acer AR380 F1 server which is re-branded supermicro

In a command prompt from the directory the IPMI files are in:

C:\Support\Installs\ipmicfg_1.20.3_20141105\win\64bit>ipmicfg-win -ver
Firmware Version: 1.40

C:\Support\Installs\ipmicfg_1.20.3_20141105\win\64bit>ipmicfg-win -m

C:\Support\Installs\ipmicfg_1.20.3_20141105\win\64bit>ipmicfg-win -user list
Maximum number of Users : 10
Count of currently enabled Users : 2
User ID | User Name | Privilege Level | Enable
------- | ----------- | --------------- | ------
2 | root | Administrator | Yes

C:\Support\Installs\ipmicfg_1.20.3_20141105\win\64bit>ipmicfg-win -user setpwd 2 my_new_password


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